“If I was a man, I would date a plus sized woman because if you rest on her body you will sleep well” — Big Baby says (Video)

Instagram influencer, Big Baby claims that men are missing out by not dating plus sized women as she would date one if she was a man.

She revealed this in an episode of the rated_18 podcast with fellow host, Kinkchic who agreed with her.

Big Baby states that if she was a man, her criteria for a girlfriend would be boobs and ass in plenty proportions.

To her, once a man is resting on the body of a plus-sized woman, he feels better and is more comfortable because of the softness.

On the other hand, slim women are not easy to be with and do not possess the softness of bigger women.

Here are some reactions to her video

@Im_GoingNorth wrote: “Taking self deception to a whole new level”

@AGINAS asked: “Which be plus size again?
Madam, you are fat, stop rebranding fat as ‘plus size’ and work on yourself.”

@Gbemmy_Okito opined: “they are not for the long term if not they will be the one getting married to but the guy would rather have her as a side chick (short term) .. but she feels she is more important for been the side Lmao”

@Gold_diigger commented: “Two fools, calling slim girls ‘panla’ when there are a lot of unpleasant things that can be said about her physical appearance.”

@Ikemefuna01 stated: “Una wae dae lazy for bed. Nahhhhh”

@dees_laundry added: “I have no issue with y’all’s sizes but can you walk through a flight of stairs, without shortness of breath?
I mean who doesn’t love a thique woman but an obese woman 😳 throw her in the dump.
Una go just buy small mic n camera begin yarn rubbish🙄”

Watch video here….

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