“If a man is bringing something to the table, a woman should do the same” – Shaffy Bello advises men not to marry a liability

Renowned Nollywood actress Shaffy Bello has recently shared her thoughts on a frequently debated topic in relationships: the expectations and contributions of partners.

Her insights add a new dimension to the ongoing conversation about what each person should bring to the table in a romantic partnership.

In a candid expression of her views, Bello addressed the often contentious question posed by men to women in relationships: “What do you bring to the table?” According to Bello, if a man is of high value and aware of his accomplishments and contributions, it’s reasonable for him to inquire about what his female partner can offer. She regards this inquiry as normal, dismissing the negative reactions it usually attracts. Bello suggests that women who are successful and capable of contributing significantly to a relationship are more appealing than those who are constantly dependent and seeking assistance. She believes that a woman confidently bringing something to the table commands more respect.

Bello’s stance has sparked various reactions. While some agree with her, noting that it’s fair for men to seek partners who can contribute equally, others argue that asking such a question is a red flag. They believe a man should be able to discern a woman’s value without explicitly asking. This debate reflects the diverse opinions on what constitutes a balanced and equitable relationship.

Adding another layer to this discussion, Tolani Baj, another notable figure in the entertainment industry, recently shared her own relationship criteria. Baj has been vocal about her preference for men who can provide financial support consistently. Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of a potential partner having a passport, as her lifestyle involves frequent travel. This requirement aligns with her desire for a companion who can accompany her on global adventures.

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