I would like to marry “Naira Marley” and become “Mummy Naira” – Kemi Olunloyo


Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has been on Twitter fielding answers to questions, while holding #AskKemiOlunloyo, says’ she has have Never been married and would like to marry Naira Marley and become Mummy Naira.


How do your children feel…when they read abusive comments from some of your posts.?

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“My children don’t give a shit about Nigerian Twitter.

“I’m a mentor never a role model. Be yourself. I don’t want anyone being like me.

“I was a Pharmacist and Spokesman at cvs pharmacy the largest drugstore in America and always loved to address the media. Then I had this desire to write health news so I went to CNN medical bureau.

“I’m a Journalist. I report news or tease it. There are people paid to give you the news. I’m no longer giving free shit.

Who is that special man that you will want to get down with if you have the opportunity? Be sincere!

“I would like to marry #NairaMarley’s dad that way my American nickname is super actualized #IyaNaira, His mom is #MummyNaira.

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“No husband, never been married. Having a husband does not add value to my life. I have Never been married, never had a chance to cheat.

“I had accident in 1984 accident, an explosion in the chemistry lab with many injured. My face had second degree burns and I fully recovered Journalist: Being arrested for a news tip sent to me in 2017 then accused of writing it.

Can you date someone that’s younger than you?

“I will likely torture that younger man and he will end up being my gateman or houseboy.

“I introduced sex toys to Nigeria 2012. Nobody knew about them. Better than a dick on my old clitoris and grey pubic hair. Google my name next to sex toys and see proof of bloggers posts. Now sex toy shops are everywhere. Even lawmakers are fighting in sex shops.

In your next life if given a chance would you like to make some changes maybe choice of country or career or life itself and relationship and parents etc

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“In my next life I want to be a python SNAKE living in the ASO ROCK compound. The last one Obasanjo’s python once showed up at the FEC meeting. With me nobody goes home that day

Since you never been married, how did you managed to have 2 kids? Was the idea to be a baby mama? And are they for one man or different father?

“I have 3 kids. They flew down from heaven. Marriage has nothing to do with kids.

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