“I won’t be Looking for true love anymore for now, women are not good people” – Man who traveled to Cross River, Akwa Ibom to search for true love gives up after 6 months

A man who became famous earlier this year for traveling traveling to Cross River, Calabar and Akwa Ibom with the object to search for love has abandoned his pursuit after failing to fulfill this.

The man who’s a digital marketer, in April 2023, traveled from Lagos to Cross River with the goal of finding a woman with a big behind to fall in love with.

He had shared some screenshots of his conversation with a friend who had advised him to leave Lagos in order to fulfill this objective. The advice came after he lamented to his friend about how difficult the task of finding true love has become in Lagos.

The digital marketer had revealed what he admires in a lady, revealing that he wanted a slim lady with a backside and he guessed he would find one in Cross River.

He had flown to Cross River the next day to begin his search. Sharing the photo of him at the airport, he wrote : “Chasing my dreams”.

His adventure has met a wall as he found that he couldn’t find love even outside Lagos. He decided to discontinue the search and head back to Lagos, as he emphasized that ‘Women are not good people’.

He wrote:

“Just want to Let y’all know I won’t be Looking for true love anymore for now, women are not good people, On my way back home.”

See his post below:


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