I wonder why some musicians struggle to get a hit song – Guru


Lately, many people claim Guru is sufferring to get a hit songs. According to them, Guru is releasing songs upon songs but it’s just not picking.

Well, in an interview, Guru said,

“Oo it’s not that i’m struggling to release a hit song.

“I laughed soo hard when people claim Guru is struggling to get a hit song. Just check the records, i’m one of the few artistes to release back-to-back hit songs here in Ghana”.

Guru continued,

“Hit song is one of the cheapest thing to get in the life of a musician, hit songs can be engineered if people don’t know.

I’ve released soo many hit songs and because of that i don’t fancy getting hit songs these days.

Now, i’m more concentrated on helping and bringing out other talents. Getting hit songs no longer my priority for now”