I will resend it by month end, I used the money to buy food – Lady tells man who mistakenly sent N25K to her

Businesswoman narrates her experience with a lady who withheld the N25K she mistakenly sent to her account, promising to pay it back by month’s end.

The businesswoman known as @Soyi_hadassah took to the Twitter platform to reveal that she had erroneously sent N25K to the lady and immediately messaged the lady to request she send back the cash.

@Soyi_hadassah: X (Twitter).

In response, the lady had told the businesswoman that she had already used the cash to purchase food and would send it back when it is month’s end.

She wrote …

“I mistakenly sent 25k to someone. Sent her a message that she should send it back to me with my account details, after some hours, she replied that she will send it by month end that she used it to buy food. Lol!”

This stirred mixed reactions from netizens …

@CaptainArinze said: “Poverty is not the cause. I know some people from poor backgrounds who have admirable character and are very well-behaved. It is simply a lack of morals, poor upbringing, and family values.

If your first instinct is to steal or to take what doesn’t belong to you when you are in need, you have a deep-seated character flaw. There is no difference between you, our corrupt politicians, and a thief in Oshodi.”

@iam_paulash commented: “This is just crazy 🤣”

@dancoded01 said: “She prayed, and God answered through you. Miracle alert on the goal”

@gospelsongsng wrote: “Hunger dey.
Maybe the account is already set for a debit any time cash enters.”

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