“I will only believe God exits if he can turn water into wine in my presence, he never helped me to be successful in life, I helped myself” – Influencer Danny

Popular influencer Ajebo Danny has sparked backlash with his statement about God.

The fast-rising influencer, in a video making rounds online was captured in his car as he shared his thoughts about God. Danny stated that he can only believe God exists if he can turn water into wine in his presence.

He added that God has never helped him to be successful in his life and all of his successes have been on his own.

“Turn water into wine in my presence and I’ll believe that God exists. God has never helped me to he successful in life, I helped myself”.

As expected, his statement has sparked backlash among online users.

Anita Joseph wrote, “Eyaaa chai, this is sad. But shallom. I’m the highest

One Wofai U wrote, “Believe what you may, but don’t discredit the existence of God. Individuals have experienced the hand of God and his existence. If dem never wipe one almost cord the rest no go rest

One Mishaeo Amos wrote, “God will never agree to do simple things like this. Simple proof to prove us wrong no. He has coconut head

One Domingo Loso wrote, “E get some kind conversations I dey avoid. My brother it is well with you o

One Fine Nenye wrote, “You can’t put God in a box

One Bad boy rigi wrote, “The only sin God doesn’t forgive is that of Blasphemy. It’s Cruise to him, he will never find forgiveness never

One Zacchy Nedu wrote, “God is not a people’s pleaser or dependant on people’s validation

One Ieonuoha wrote, “When God arrest this kind of people they do more for him. May the grace of God help him”.

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