I was turned down by alot of people but today they are my colleagues – Actress Wofai Fada


Popular comedienne, Wofai Fada has disclosed that she is now at the same level with people who decided not to lend her a helping hand.

The actress said in an interview with Sunday Scoop that her parents have now given her so much respect due to how she gains income from her talent.

Wofai Fada also said that her fear of going back to being poor motivated her to work very hard each and every day

She tweeted;

“People think young ladies don’t have the money to afford a good life but they don’t know my story. They also think that successful ladies do different (unwholesome) things for money. When I got to Lagos, I didn’t have where to stay. If you give me (as little as) N5,000 now, I would save it. I don’t know how to be extravagant.

I like to save as much as I can because of the fear of going back to the level I was. When I got my (Mercedes Benz) G- Wagon, people said a man must have given it to me but that’s not true. I guess a lot of women face such claims but it would have been better if they said God gave me.

“God has been the one helping me and I just wish everyone would give Him the glory. I was turned down by a lot of people and some known celebrities but now, those people are my colleagues in the industry. I only wanted those people to give me a platform to shine, not money. I honestly didn’t think things would work out well for me. I’ve always believed in myself but didn’t see it coming this fast.”

The 30-year-old actress went on to reveal what greatly motivated her intimating that she was scared to fall back in life so she had to thrive and work hard to achieve her goal.

She said, “When you’re consistent, you would have your own audience. With the support of social media, I kept pushing and I’ve become more innovative.

When I started my skits, it was just for fun. I didn’t even know how to make money on Instagram then. Over time, I didn’t want to be known only as an Instagram celebrity, so I had to think of something else and that’s why I opened a restaurant. New comedians are evolving, so if one doesn’t innovate, one would become stale.

“I have never taken myself seriously, so whatever anybody said to me was not discouraging. It was my parents that didn’t understand what I was doing because I was sent to school, not to be a comedian. I only made sure I graduated and they thought I would start looking for a job afterwards. I didn’t tell my parents I was leaving home for Lagos. I’m sure that they thought a boy had tricked me into leaving home. When they eventually saw some of my videos, they were disappointed, saying that was not what they sent me to school to do. Over time, they saw I was serious about the skits. I was also becoming popular and making money. That was when they started praising me. I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Calabar against my father’s will. He actually wanted me to be a medical doctor