“I was sexually molested when I was in SS1 by my lesson teacher” Actor Alesh Sanni


Nollywood actor, Alesh Sanni has revealed that he was molested by his lesson teacher during his childhood days, particularly when he was in the Senior Secondary Class.

In an Instagram post shared by the Abroad-based actor on Tuesday, he reminisced that he was in SS1 when he was sexually abused by a lesson teacher, Aunty Shukura.

Alesh included that his mum trusted the Aunty and not until recent, his parents were ignorant of the event that went down between himself and his tutor.

According to his Instagram post, he said, “I was sexually molested when I was in SS 1 with my lesson teacher #auntyshukura someone my mom trusted and love so much .. my parent knows nothing about this till this morning I told them about it 😢.”

Further, he narrated that after the event, he discovered that women of his age category never found him attractive.

“It took me years to get myself together ☺️ young women or women of my age never got attracted to me till 2014 when I had this terrible experience with a lady 6 years older than me in Dubai 😉.I really cant figure it out myself then cos all I knew was it so much enjoyment for me doing it and not joy.” He said.

Alesh maintained that he has finally gotten over this horrible experience as he his in love with a woman of his heart desire.

“… I’m happy with myself now cos the woman in my life is 4 years below my age ❤️ someone I love and can’t wait to make it official ❤️❤️❤️ #Damlesh2021.” Alesh concluded.