‘I was on this same flight’ Bobrisky exposed for flying economy and posting as first class – Screenshot


Controversial Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky has been allegedly accused of flying in an economy plane and posting it as first class.

Bobrisky sometime ago was accused of living fake life but came out to reply that if fake life makes her fly first class every week then she will always fake her life.

In recent development, the cross-dresser posted a photo of herself sitting in a plane claiming she’s flying first class for the second time in a week.

After her post, a social media user commented on the post claiming she is not flying any first class.

According to the comments, the social media user claims he/she is also in the same plane and that is an economy and not first class as Bobrisky claims.

Some others after taking very good look at the photo claims its a first class giving all sort of evaluation.

Why will Bobrisky post from an economy and claim its a first class knowing well others saw her on board.

screenshot below;