“I was not my husband’s spec” – Lady reveals why her husband married her, says she did not bill him, he laughs (Video)

A Nigerian woman (@the_peters_official) has in a video on TikTok said that when she was going to marry her husband, she knew she was not the kind of lady he wanted.

She added that even though the man never said it out, she could tell he wanted a more classy woman for a wife.

Men in her comment section said billing in relationships is not good.

In the video shot in the presence of her husband who was laughing, the lady stated that he was only complimenting her with things like she had a good character and was from a good home.

Asking her husband to list the things he used to say about her, the man agreed with the wife that the marriage happened because she was not one of those women always asking men for money (billing).

Watch the couple’s video below:

Osinachi said: “You are right o, billing turns me off automatically.”

sylvia_lax said: “That billing part i must bill… who wan marry u go marry u abeg.”

She replied: “Your choice dear me I get money so no need to bill am.”

kennedychinenye5 said: “That billing part dey affect all men o.”

Subzero said: “Not billing me means she fears God. If she like speak in tongues or prophecy but bill me just know say na scam.”

gloriaandrew33 asked: “Ok oo, so u mean he was not giving you shishi until he married you?” She replied: “Yes ma but he bought me gifts.”

sommyvee said: “Sis you and I have the same qualities but I still don’t understand why this love never still find me oo.”

King Tonimax said: “Girls are you hearing the criteria men are looking for before choosing a wife.”

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