I was left looking like a flow-Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada

Former BBNaija star name Ifu Ennada recently narrated an experience she had during her passport renewal exercise.

According to her, due to strict biometric regulation, she was asked to removed her fake eyelashes

Ifu Ennada then went ahead to list out others rigors ladies have to go through at a Nigerian passport office.

Nigerian celebrity Ifu Ennada was left at odds with herself after she was asked to takes off her fake lashes during her passport renewal exercise.

According to her, she couldn’t help but think that she looked like a fowl with her natural makeup on and no eyelashes to accompany it.

Ifu Ennada think she’s looking like a flow

Even more, she said that were it not for her celebrity status, a lot more would have been asked from her. She revealed that  coloured hair and fancy natural hair styles were also not allowed. In fact, she was asked to flatten her hair.

Ifu maintained that one way to get the favour of those at the passport office was to wear a church look