I was in labour room pushing!-Bobrisky


Few minutes ago, the controversial barbie,Bobrisky took to her Instagram page and said that she saw herself in the dream pushing.

This is not the first time Bob is saying this.She once said that she will soon give birth to a baby.

But this time around,it is a dream.Bob was only dreaming.She said that she will go back to sleep because she loves the dream.

Giving birth to a baby has always been one of Bob’s biggest dream. Last night the barbie saw a sign of it and she loved it because it has always been her dream to give birth.

As we all know, Bobrisky was naturally a man who transformed himself into a woman through surgeries.

But the big question now is, Can Bobrisky really get pregnant?

I asked the question because I don’t think someone can completely transform himself/herself into the opposite gender.

Well let us not conclude yet, Let’s just wait patiently and find out if Bobrisky will finally give birth.

See Bobrisky’s post below