‘I was deported against my will’ – Sudanese opposition leader claims

Sudan Opposition Leader, Yasir Arman

An opposition leader in Sudan has claimed that the military forced his deportation alongside two of his colleagues, back to South Sudan.

Yasir Arman, deputy head of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) faction led by Malik Agar made this known to reporters at a hotel in Juba on Monday.

According to Yasir Arman, he was deported from Sudan without his consent and in a military aircraft. He said;

“I was deported from Sudan against my will… I was deported to Juba in a military aircraft.”

Arman was later released and deported to Juba along with the opposition movement’s secretary general Ismail Khamis Jalab and its spokesperson Mubarak Ardol.

The deportation came on the second day of a nationwide civil disobedience campaign in Sudan, in protest against the deadly crackdown on protesters.