I Was Broke When I Returned N98M Mistakenly Paid Into My Account -osiebe


The publisher of Hallowmace Magazine, Mr Soni Anderson Osiebe says he has returned the sum of N98million which was wrongly paid into his UBA bank account.

Osiebe who narrated the occurrence to TNG(TheNewsGuru) revealed that he didn’t know the money was N98million when he initially got the alert.

“On Friday I got an alert on my phone, I didn’t know it’s 98 milion. This very company, have known them for like over four years now .They were owing me for the last job I did. When I got the alert, I thought it was the money they owed me that they paid”.

Upon realising their mistake, a rep of U-Sylva Construction Ltd called him on the morning of Monday, 9th of December 2019 to notify him of their error.

“On Monday I got a call from the company that some money was mistakenly transferred into my account I said yes , I got the money. So I went to the bank, withdrew N98,000 and took it to the company .When I got there, they told me that it was N98 million that was transferred to my account, not 98,000. I followed them to the bank and it was there I confirmed that it was actually 98 million. Because I am a man of integrity, I didn’t want to start arguing with them. When they told me it is 98 million , I told them we would have to get to the bank to confirm So I when I confirmed , I decided that I was going to transfer the money back to them So my bank told me I can’t transfer the money at that moment(Yesterday).So this morning(Tuesday),I went to the bank and did the transfer.The company confirmed receiving the 98million mistakenly paid into my account”