I was ‘blacklisted’ from Hollywood after supporting Donald Trump in 2016 – Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. cries out


Italian-American model and actor, Antonio Sabato Jr., has claimed he has been ‘blacklisted’ from Hollywood four years after showed his support for Donald Trump.

The 48-year-old actor, whose support was highlighted in a speech at the Republican National Convention had to move from California to Florida after supporting Trump.

‘I had to sell everything,’ Sabato Jr. said in a phone interview with Variety from his new home in Florida
‘I had to pay all my debts. I was blacklisted. All my representatives left me, from agents to managers to commercial agents,’ he added.

‘I literally had to move, find a new job to survive and take care of my kids. It’s been terrible. It’s mind-blowing. It’s a disgrace,’ he added.

‘It’s tough, because if you’re in that environment in Hollywood and you have something to say that they don’t like, they’re going to let you know,’ Sabato Jr. said.

After Trump was elected, Sabato said he couldn’t land any movie roles, claiming he was cut from because of his involvement in politics.

Two years after Trump won the election, the actor ran for a Congressional seat in California as a Republican but was defeated by the Democrat incumbent Julia Brownley.