“I was allergic to pork” – Nigerian woman develops allergy after eating pork, shares shocking video on social media

A Nigerian lady sparked discussion on social media after discovering she’s allergic to pork, which caused her lip to swell.

In the video, she showcased her swollen face with a caption that read: “I didn’t even know I was allergic to pork.”

She revealed her swollen lip, attributing it to eating pork for the first time. She also displayed the pork she consumed in the video.

Her revelation drew the attention of many social media users who flooded the comments section with their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Big wave 🌊 🖤: “U don put mouth for watin no concern you 😭😂.”

Resego Moepeng: “was pork or the spices used? try unseasoned pork just to confirm.”

mapholoba: “Next time be careful it can lead to anaphylaxis which is dangerous. Stay away from it sthandwa 💐sorry for that allergic reaction I hope you’re well now..”

yur_gurl_soso: “My brother’s own is bread😭😂😂The first day we saw his lips swollen,he was sleeping then my immediate elder sis shouted n said Ike Ike wake up, your lip is rising😂Who kissed you in your dream.”

pabilo49: “😭😂aowa I think I’m fine with my tonsils being infected not this bandla 😭🤣.”

MaXhamela Mdzeke: “Ooh mntase might have been the spices. The one time the doctor was laughing calling me angelina jolie🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

Ademide❤️: “Me after begging people to patronize me 😂.x

Ma’Khumalo❤️: “xI’m definitely sure I’d be like this after speaking Venda the whole day 😭😭.”


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