‘I Want To Spoil A Guy This Val’s Day- Buy Him Expensive Gifts & Pamper Him But He Must Go 9 Rounds With Me In Bed’- Lady


A young lady identified on Twitter as Aquababe is on a hunt for a guy she can pamper today, February 14 but on the condition that he must satisfy her sexually for 9 consecutive rounds.

Taking to Twitter to make her audacious request, the young lady said this adventure has no strings attached as she intends to dump the man the next morning after fulfilling his part of the deal.

“I need a guy that I will take out on Val’s day, buy him some expensive gifts then take him to a 5 star hotel where I will have s*x with him and dump him the next morning. Please if you Cant go 9 rounds stay out of this,I need someone with strength of a stallion.