“I want to retire at 35 years and live with Dudu and Funfun” – Billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy reveals why she’s working so hard

Billionaire daughter DJ Cuppy has disclosed that she wants to retire at the age of 35 and that is the main reason why she’s working so hard despite the fact that she can live on her father’s wealth.

There’s no doubt that DJ Cuppy is one of the hardworking female celebrities we have and despite the fact that her father has money and connections which sometimes help her, she has decided to build her own empire as well and that’s why she’s working so hard.

Even though she doesn’t sing well, she’s doing well as an artists and as a DJ, we all know she’s doing very well with that and she recently opened a new collection of hers which we guess is doing rally well and some other things on her own.

According to her, she’s doing all these and working so hard that most people don’t understand as she could have just sit back and enjoy her father’s wealth since she’s a lady but then she wants to be independent and retire as early as the age of 35.

Adding that she wants to live on abalumo farm with her boys Dudu and Funfun when she retires at the age of 35 and might probably be the youngest woman to retire. All the Otedola ladies are really working hard on their own despite having a wealthy father and that’s recommendable.

Screenshot below;

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