I want to focus on my family and leave a peaceful life with my husband – Chioma


In interview with Choima she revealed intricate details about her love with Davido, and what she deserves in “Life”

Read excepts from the interview below;

“I have had my own fair share of betrayal from some people who have cut my friendship, and people talking shit about me and my king Davido on social media. Right now, I do not keep lots of friends anymore.

I want to work on my family now to make sure everything is perfectly okay between me& my love.

I know life is up and down also not going to let anything tarnish our relationship so I can’t wait to make my King Davido to make me his future Queen. I would like to describe myself as someone who is passion-driven as well.

That’s who I am, that’s what I represent. And lest I forget, I am a very cheerful person. The first thing you notice about me is my smile, even during my worst time. That’s why people don’t know when I am going through this or that.

I always wear a smile and my smile is infectious. The girl with the infectious laughter, people like to say that about me. Smile �

What Did You Look Out For Your Man..

“My man has to be straightforward, I’m not saying my Davido is not straightforward! He’s my everything I have in the world (My Only number one 1 so nothing can change our love because we’re meant to be a wonderful family that no one ever had and I don’t care what people have been sharing on social media about our relationship) I’m just saying this to let us bear whatever we come across with our man because they are our future King.