‘I used to beg to perform, now I get alerts everyday. God thank you’ – Iyanya reflects success of 2022

Afropop singer, Iyanya has recounted moments in 2021 December when he had to beg to perform at shows.

He revealed this time last year was gloomy as he only had one paid show performance.

Seeing he wanted to remain in the public’s eyes, the Kukere master confessed to having pleaded for the chance to perform free of charge at two shows.

However, one year later, Iyanya expresses gratitude to God for changing the narrative because he’s fully booked for the month.

According to him, this December is by far the busiest for him as he wakes up to alerts for shows daily. He said:

“Last year December 2021, I performed at 3 shows, one paid and I begged to perform at 2 just to be seen. “2022 December, I wake up and every day to alerts for shows, haven’t had this kind of busy December since 2017. 20+ shows in on month. God Thank you.”

Iyanya had earlier sparked mixed reactions online as he spoke about the types of people in the music industry. He had taken to Twitter to share his thoughts about the fake lifestyle with his colleagues.

When people use the phrase “my blood,” the singer says they should be concerned or question their colleagues.

According to Iyanya, many of his colleagues say things they don’t mean, and there are far too many con artists in the music industry. He wrote: “If anybody calls you “my blood” in this industry, ask him red or white blood lol. Y’all say what you don’t mean. Too many fake people in this game.”

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