“I use God beg you” – Little girl cries bitterly as aunty asks her to write number 3 (Video)

A video making the rounds has captured moment a little girl burst into tears as her aunty asked her to write numeral 3.

In the video, the young girl was in tears as she begged in the name of God when asked to write the number 3.

She was seen pleading in Yoruba language saying, “Ejo, mo fi olurun be yin” which literally means “Please, I beg in God’s name”, in English.

The actions and words of the little girl in the video have captured the attention of viewers, leading many to share their thoughts in the comments section.

Toplex Gold said, “Take this boy to Pablo house to learn yahoo 🤣😂😂😂abeg leave ham na”.

—😞💔 said, “Leave him na when I reach university I start dey write 3🥺”.

Gold 🪙 said, “honestly children are not even interested in education again 😂”.

Toyene20🦋❤️ said, “Why this children no wan learn😂😂😂if Na play now Na so so shout upanda inside compound..them go Dey play daddy and mummy play😂😂😂”.

yoelson69 said, “who’s voice be dat …Like Father, Like Daughter…(A ni o f’omo yen le). 😂 pls forgive her ooo…. 😂”.

Prince of Africa said, “This boy should have beg you intori Ogun ati irunmole”.

kvnggambitdc said, “She is scared of the Cain please next time be friendly with her she will write it
Don’t pull out Cain please I feel for her I remember when my dad use”.

Video below……


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♬ original sound – ADEOLA✨🥰🤩

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