I urinated blood after fighting Richard Gutierrez- Joshua Clottey


Joshua Clottey has disclosed in an interview that one of the toughest fight he has engaged in was the fight with Richard Gutierrez.

He explained that in his 24 years of a professional boxing career, he finds this match as difficult because of the implications afterwards.

In an interview on Angel FM Joshua Clottey revealed that his fight with Richard Gutierrez in an IBF Inter-Continental championship was so intense that he ended up urinating blood after the boxing.

Aside his challenges, Clottey also spoke about his successes in his career.

“I fought Margarito, Zab Judah, Pacquaio, Cotto but my toughest test was Richard Gutierrez, I remember I urinated blood when the medics came for my urine samples for test. After that bout I vowed never to allow any of my children to take boxing as his or her profession” he told Accra based FM station Angel FM.

“In the round 4 of the bout, the guy was hitting me so hard I indicated to my corner to throw in the towel but my coach insisted I fight on…,” he said.