“I turned my instagram into a Goldmine, am a huge blessing to this generation” -Cubana Chief Priest


The popular Nigerian celebrity Paschal Chibuike Okechukwu who is popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest has recently said that he turned his Instagram to a Goldmine.

He said this about an hour ago on a picture which he posted on his verified Instagram page.

On the picture Cubana is seen sitting down and holding his phone.Looking at his phone,you will notice that he is on Instagram live.

On the post the celebrity said that he is a huge blessing to this generation as he turned his Instagram into Goldmine.In other words, many people have benefited from him on Instagram.

The celebrity said, “I turned my IG into a Goldmine, Am a huge blessing to this generation 8:00pm Tune in for wisdom, brotherhood,vibe,knowledge,family n wealth!! Under The Mango Tree”.

Many Nigerians reacted to the post via their likes and comments on it.Most of them thanked Cubana for his good deeds.

No doubt, Cubana Chief Priest has really been a big blessing to Nigerians especially this lockdown period.He sends money to most Nigerians on his Instagram live show.I pray that God will continue blessing him so he will keep blessing others