I taught Ogun governor and his deputy how to dance shaku shaku -Olamide


Singer Olamide recently attend an occasion which was  graced by the Ogun governor Dapo Abiodun.

At the event, the musician taught the governor and his deputy need to danced ‘shaku-shaku.

The governor  reacted to Olamide kind gesture and tutorship.

Recently, singer Olamide did the honor of teaching Dapo Abiodun, new inaugurate governor in Ogun, and his deputy how to rock their bodies to cool danced step.

The musician particularly taught them how to danced ‘shaku-shaku’. He did this at an occasion which was attended by the important dignitaries.

Olamide shared a photo on his Instagram page which captured him, the governor and his deputy dancing away to the trendy danced move. The picture put up by Olamide must have also been posted with the purpose of congratulates Dapo Abiodun on becoming Ogun numero uno.

Governor Dapo and Olamide