I struggled to pay my bills while my man was in jail – Princess Shyngle cries out


Actress Princess Shyngle has shared a motivation story of how she struggled to pay her bills while her man was in jail.


In an Instagram video, the curvy actress stated that she decided to open up on what she went through so as to encourage other ladies who might be going through the same.

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Princess Shyngle wrote: “I came out to share my story because I know there is someone out there going through the same thing I’m going through right now but is alone and feels worthless, feels like God doesn’t love her enough, well I’m here telling you that God loves us all equally and we’re all going through something in our lives, most of us would never share it because we want to show the world that we have this picture-perfect life but I’m telling you now no one, no human has a perfect life.

If you’re thinking suicide and in so much pain just use my story as a motivation”.

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See the screenshot below.

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