”I showed her mom and she said he’s right, I’m out” – Doctor shares note of warning he received from his stepson for correcting him

A South African man took to social media to express his frustration with his marriage, sharing the stern warning he received from his stepson.

The media personality, known as @Dr_Shiyaklenga on X, posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp message from his stepson, who insisted he is not his father and warned him against trying to control him.

Man shares note of warning he received from his stepson
The WhatsApp text read: “I’m not your son don’t ever try to control me.”

When he showed the message to his wife, she agreed with her son. Frustrated, the man shared that his efforts to step up had backfired and he was now done with the marriage.

He wrote: “My step son sent me this text, I showed her mom and she said he’s right. I tried to step up and it backfired I’m out.😭😭”

Check out some reactions that followed
Mavusana wrote: “Step up Chief?! 💔😂 Did you even try starting your own family first before you tried to lead this young man’s family?”

Lilo Blancanto advised: “Find out whats the most thing he like. Go buy it. Show both of them then take it back and get your refund 😂”

Samuel asserted: “I’d leave her with her son.”

Mahkhendi said: “He:ll regret that one day”

Kameyawest suggested: “Don’t do anything to him leave him. Make ut kids with his mother”


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