I Shared Money During Primary Election- Kate Henshaw

Actress Kate Henshaw

Popular Nollywood actress and political prospect Kate Henshaw Nuttal has spilled the beans on how her political career and ambitions were short-lived.

Kate Henshaw who has been a front runner in the campaign against corruption in government in Nigeria bears it all in an interview.

The veteran actress had shown interest in representing her constituency in the lower legislative chamber of the National assembly of Nigeria.

However, that dream of her’s was short-lived as she could not even win the primary election for her to be nominated as her party flag bearer during the 2015 general election.
Kate had shown interest to be the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate during the election.

The actress revealed in a recent video documentary about her experience during the electoral struggle in 2014, Describing the Nigerian political scene as being tough and it is a battle of the fittest and fattest money bag.

She also talked about having to share money in foreign currency to delegates during the primary election and how she got just one vote after all her effort and money spend.

In a video documentary, the actress can be seen counting some notes which was meant to be shared to delegates during the primary election.