“I seriously pity you” – Mike Bamiloye tell Pastor Abel Damina and others dragging Pastor Adeboye for saying he drank tea with God

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the President of Mount Zion Film Productions International, recently stood up in defense of those who ridiculed and mocked the messages of one of his esteemed pastors, Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

In recent years, Pastor Adeboye shared a remarkable story about having tea with God during breakfast a long time ago. He also disclosed during one of his sermons how God showed him his mansion in heaven.⁴⁵

These messages were subjects of mockery and ridicule by popular clergyman Abel Damina, media personality Daddy Freeze, and several others.

Pastor Abel Damina notably voiced disbelief and strong criticism regarding Pastor Adeboye’s claim of having tea with God. In a pointed sermon, Pastor Damina directly challenged the authenticity of Adeboye’s account, expressing skepticism and questioning the nature of such a purported encounter.

His words;

‘’Somebody say he drank tea with God. When you read the bible, God said If I were hungry, I will not ask you what food do you have? I don’t eat human food. My son, Give me your heart. He said If I wanted a house to live in, I wouldn’t live in your house, the cattle upon a thousand hill belongs to me, I own it all. I don’t need any of these things. You need them, I don’t. What I need is your heart. 

“I forgot to ask what brand of tea it was so we could all start drinking that brand. Peradventure, God may join us to drink.

“It is time for us to expose all these lies free people from religious manipulation and bring them into Christ emancipation. Our loyalty is to Christ. There is only one person who died and that is the person we owe our loyalty to. I will only honour men who honour him.”

In a sprawling post sighted on his official Facebook page, Mike Bamiloye passionately extolled Pastor Adeboye and Pastor William Kumuyi, the esteemed general superintendent of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry.

In the same breath, he fervently criticized Pastor Abel Damina, Daddy Freeze, and various other critics who had targeted and disparaged their teachings and messages.

Mike Bamiloye staunchly defended Pastor Adeboye’s assertion of experiencing a close and physical encounter with God. He passionately urged critics to exercise caution and refrain from criticizing matters concerning spiritual encounters, warning that such actions could incur the wrath of God.

Sharing pictures of Pastor Adeboye  and Kumiyi, he wrote;

“My Fathers…My Fathers..! You are just 82!, All your Visions you will fulfill before you go! My Father Adeboye said God has shown him his house in Heaven, somebody was making jest of him and ridiculing him, saying he is telling Lies!

“I seriously pity you!, May I break your heart more that many Children of God have had the privilege of having a glimpse of their houses in heaven ? You think it is strange to the Children of the Kingdom if Baba said God has shown him his house in Heaven? It is you that count it strange, not us.,

“The Devil has given some people the Works and Assignment of Cyber-bullying and abusing these Fathers of Faith. Continue, for everyone shall render account of his works before the Lord.,”


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