I saw my aunt’s 17-yr-old daughter sneaking out at night and coming back by 5am, should I confront her or tell her mother? – Man seeks advice


A man identified as Tolu Tezzy on Twitter has taken to the micro-blogging platform to seek advise regarding what to do about the teenage daughter of his aunt whom he caught sneaking out at night.

Tolu said that he went to his aunt’s house to spend some time with the family and later that night he saw her 17-year-old daughter sneaking out late at night and returning by 5am.

While narrating the incident, Tolu who was not sure what line of action to take next, sought advice on whether he should confront the girl or report to her mother.

Taking to Twitter, Tolu wrote: “I went to my aunt’s house yesterday and I saw her 17 year old daughter sneaking out last night and didn’t hear her get back until 5 in the morning. Should I confront her and ask where she went or tell her mother?”