I Saw A House Today, I Shock Somebody Is About To Make Me Double My Hustle – Rudeboy (P.square)


“Until a boy sees another person’s father farm he would insist that his own father has the largest farm” – Yoruba Proverbs
This comes up to be the case for no other than the ‘Take It’ singer, Rudeboy.

The artist despite the fact that he has achieved enviable success both locally and internationally – having built assorted houses including a mansion, blessed with a beautiful wife and children among other blessings, still want more.

Well, one would have to see things from his point of view as he’s where he is today because of the big dream and aspirations he had back then. And now he wants more.

This afternoon he shared a pix of a mighty, well-furnished home with a caption that got people talking.

Here are the post and fan’s reactions: