I reject you in Jesus mighty name – Alex Ekubo blows hot after a troll prayed he remains single till he’s 62


Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has savagely replied to a troll who prayed he remains single till 62 rejecting it in Jesus Mighty Name.

The troll commenting on a post of Alex claiming that is how we will one day hear he has been married for 15yrs with children said they love what he has been doing they want him to remain single till 62.

Alex Ekubo replying to the troll blew hot rejecting it in the Mighty Name of Jesus because he wants to get married very soon and have children as he said in the post.

Marriage is not something that is being joked with but saying you want someone to remain single till 62 for your selfish reasons is too much and he did well by rejecting it with a prayer.

Screenshot below;