” I regret why I didn’t fight Floyd Mayweather” Mike Tyson


The legendary boxing champion, Mike Tyson has publicly expressed his feeling when he was asked who he wishes to fight

The 53-year-old said he would have loved to fight Floyd Mayweather during his era.

Farhood then asked if he wanted to knock Mayweather out and Tyson said: “Well, I would love to have fought him. I wish he was my weight.” Tyson praised Mayweather’s “masterful” in-ring display in 2013 and was asked how he would fight against the undefeated Money Man. He suggested that it would be “almost impossible to fight him clean” and he would have to fight him “dirty.”

Mike Tyson recently blasted Mayweather after the Money Man said he was better than Muhammad Ali.

This made Tyson to regrets not being able to fight Floyd Mayweather in his era.

Though both boxers have been named among the best that have graced boxing following how they dominated in their respective weight divisions but Tyson insisted it pains him that there was no way they would have crossed paths because of their time and different weight-class.