“I really wanted to win because a Nigerian guy took my girl; now they’ve taken my joy” – Heartbroken South African man cries

South African man breaks down on a social media space as he narrates how a Nigerian guy took his girl, and the Nigerian Super Eagles have now also taken his joy away.

The unknown South African man expressed sadness over the Super Eagles win against Bafana Bafana in the semi-finals.

According to him, he wanted his country to win the Nigerian team because a Nigerian guy snatched his girlfriend.

He noted that their country had played very well against the Nigerian super Eagles.

Sadly, for the man, the match didn’t turn out well for him and he expressed that the country has also taken his joy.

He added that he has nothing left, and even the music genre, ‘Amapiano’ now belongs to Nigeria.

“I really wanted to win it because a Nigerian guy took my girl and now he has taken my joy as well. I have nothing left. Amapiano belongs to Nigeria. All the girls belong to Nigeria now,”
he said.

Listen to the audio;

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