“I once walked in on my boyfriend naked with another girl” –  Beauty Tukura

Beauty Tukura, a former participant of BBNaija, has revealed that she once stumbled upon her boyfriend and another girl in a state of undress.

During her appearance on the latest edition of the Doyin‘s Corner podcast, Beauty stated that she had been suspicious of her boyfriend’s infidelity.

The reality star said:

“I have actually walked in on my boyfriend and a girl naked in bed before. Let me even burst your head, they were sleeping. The thing is, I was already suspecting him and her. I mean, at the time when I saw them, they were even asleep. They’ve already had sex.

“I saw his boxers on the floor. I stood at the door for like five/ten minutes. I’m so dramatic. I turned the mood light into normal light, but they didn’t notice. I turned it off again, they still didn’t notice. I was just looking at them.

“Then I called his name, this nigga actually woke up. He saw me and went back to sleep. I could swear that he did not believe. This thing I’m telling you is a real story.”

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