I need to get married because I don’t want my eggs to dried out – Teni cries out (Video)


The popular Nigerian musician, Teni has said she need to get married this year because she doesn’t want her eggs to dried out.

The popular musician took to her Twitter page to express her feelings about getting married this year. Teni said her man must propose to her this year and Incase he never propose she will do the proposing by herself.

She uploaded a mini video on her Twitter account where she was expressing herself. In the viral video she seems very concerned about her eggs drying out. She said; “make my egg no go dry out o, because I don’t want my egg to dry out o,” she cries out.

She added that she is is not getting any younger and she might be getting married soon.

“I have to learn how to cook more food like Egusi because I can only cook indomie, spaghetti and cornflakes for now,” she said.

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