“I may go back to my former work if nothing is done about the lockdown” – Erigga


Erhiga Agarivbie is a Nigerian singer, rapper and recording artiste known by all and sundry as Erigga. The versatile rapper a native of Delta state, Warri to be precise is one of the musicians and rappers who can effectively harness the use of the native pidgin language to effectively communicate his thoughts.

A Social critic, Erigga shot into limelight after he released his hit single that gained massive airplay on Nigeria “Mo street Gan” prior to this, he has been involved in music production with producers like Pfizzy, Phizy Joe, snow man and co. Since he became known in the Nigerian music industry, Erigga have thus transformed into an household name when it comes to indigenous rap music.

while he has featured a list of celebrity musicians, the hit single “Motivation” which featured rave of the moment back then in 2918 appears to be one of his biggest songs with over a million views on the popular video channel YouTube.

In a recent post on his verified twitter handle. Erigga pointed to the fact that if nothing is done about the lockdown imposed by the Federal government, he might just be going back to his former work. Pointing to the fact that as musician there has been no show for the past 2 months due to the Pandemic. While a lot of people might be wondering what Erigga former work was, Erigga himself few days back shared a throwback picture of himself on his Social media account saying “That year when I dey do Okada work” which clearly explained that prior to Erigga doing music, he was once a motorcycle rider who make money by transporting people from one place to another.

Erigga have thus vowed to go back to his precious job if nothing is done. Although this might just be a funny statement from the rapper but it is no doubt a fact that the pandemic is causing a lot in terms of inactivity by a lot of people and a lot of sectors are already having a form of melt down or the other.