‘I love watching po rn’: Carmen Electra talks about her se x life


The 43 year old glamour model shared details about her se x life on an episode of Kocktails with Khloe. She revealed that she loves the kinkier side of bedroom fun and also loves using a rhinestone whip on her man.

When Khloe grilled Carmen on what type of adult movies she likes to watch, Carmen responded :
“I do a lot of po rn watching myself. It may be a little addiction,’ ‘I watch it. I love po rn. I like S&M, I like a little hardcore.’
She also revealed that she often indulges alone and her housekeeper sometimes catches crazy videos on her computer.

‘I have to just call my s**t out. Yeah, that’s some po rn I was watching the other night.’
She goes deeper revealing that she owns a cane, which was given to her as a gift, and that she likes that it helps her dominate during sex:
‘Sometimes I like to be dominant and sometimes I like to be dominated

Khloe then chimed in to say she has her own rhinestone whip which she keeps by her bed.
‘I’ve used it,’ ‘I like it used on me’


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