I Love Ghana Because Ghanaians Are Friendly, Open and Intelligent – American Presenter Heather Maxwell


American radio presenter with the Voice of America (VOA) network, Heather Maxwell, has expressed her happiness over how Ghanaians have treated her.

Maxwell says since arriving the country
Ghanaians has treated her very well and she’s noticed how friendly, open and intelligent the citizens are.

“I love Ghana, I feel like it’s my real home in Africa. I do,” she said in a chat on Class Fm.

According to her, the first time she came here she was a child and the reception she got made her love Ghana forever.

“Well, I think my first experience, I was young; I was a young kid and I got here and I came alone and from this again I had never really travelled anywhere but as soon as I got here, people just helped me, they were friendly and I was afraid and within the first hour, I was no longer afraid at all. I just had one good experience after another. People were friendly, open, intelligent and the music was terrific, so, all that combined, it won me over.”

She also said that Ghanaians are far more friendly than people she sees in other African countries she’s visited.

“I love how the streets, they’re not super bustling. People seem calm and relaxed, not too aggressive. Other parts of West Africa, you go into the city and you feel aggressed just by walking outside, it’s not the vibe here. People smile a lot here, it’s really unusual and I’ve been to about 18 different African countries so far which is a lot and I’ve never had such a nice warm smile from so many people as Accra and this is a city I know people are under stressed and are working hard but everybody seems to have time to smile and this is really comfortable.”

Heather works for the Voice of America as host of ‘Music Time in Africa’. She’s currently in Ghana for a series of events.