I like the way Nengi discharged Ozo after the party


This situation happens to men who feel they can control their feelings when you actually know a woman wants you.

Nengi is a good player ,silent but smart.

She has taken over Ozo’s mind as it stands.

Two nights ago Ozo made it clear to Nengi that he only fancies her.

That particular night as they were having their first assumed discussion concerning their relationship, Nengi said,

“I feel shy when people said they like me” probably she didn’t hear Ozo well.

Ozo replied,”Who likes you?I said I fancy you”

Nengi got angry and turned her face but later pretended as if nothing happened even gave him a hug after their discussion.

Fast forward to yesterday after the party Ozo having realised that Nengi is truly who he needs in his life is now fighting hard to win her love but Nengi is now having a divided mind.

They were having a discussion about their relationship after the party .

Ozo after talking for a while said,

“Forget about the word “fancy”i used the other night”

Nengi looked at him closely and replied softly,

“That fancy must surely stand”

The next thing she removed Ozo’s hand which he placed on top of her hand.

Who wouldn’t feel for Ozo who must be really confused by now.

Nengi has really come out to play this game.

However,she has the attention of Prince,Laycon and other guys who have been watching out to see how the situation with Ozo would play out.

This game is already interesting,our DSTV subscriptions are worth it.

What’s do you think about how Nengi is treating Ozo right now?