I like staring at a female’s butt- Juliet Ibrahim


Sensational actress and fashionista, Juliet Ibrahim stunned many when she revealed that she loves staring at a female’s butt.

Ibrahim made this known in a recent interview.

“I like staring at a female’s butt to check if it’s real. It’s a normal thing that women do”.

Asked If she has a sugar daddy, the curvy actress said: “For me, my boyfriend is my sugar daddy. I don’t know what you mean by sugar daddy. If I am dating someone even If he is five years older than me, ten years older than me, he is my sugar daddy”.

She also added that she has refused being kissed on the set of a movie.

I have refused being kissed. When I was filming one time, there was a guy I didn’t like, so I told the director about it so we had to fake the kiss”.

Ibrahim stated that she has also had to lie to get what she wants.

“I had to package myself well, so I had to lie about things that I didn’t know or have. We dey package ourself for this industry o. That was basically the lie I told”.

Recall that the light-skinned diva once said she does not have any criteria when it comes to her dream man.

“Of course I am open to love. I don’t really look out for anything in a man because I believe if the right person is there, God would definitely bring him my way and I would just feel it. I would just know. I don’t have a list of quality a man must possess. It also has to do with the man’s personality because from the first greeting, you can tell if we would click or not. I don’t really have so much I expect in a man but I know that he has to be God-fearing. With the kind of industry that I have found myself, you can only pray for a God-fearing man who would not listen to rumours”.