“I know Nollywood industry and it’s not a safe place for young girls” – Actress Regina Daniels

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has taken a stand on the recent controversy of minors in the movie industry.

She says the film industry is no place for young girls and encourages producers to be more responsible and decline employing children in the workplace.

Her statements serve as an important reminder to ensure young talent is not exploited, but also encouraged in the right environment.

We should take this moment to pause and reflect on the industry and how we can create safer and better conditions for everyone in it. Let’s listen to the voices of those who work within it and ensure their safety and well-being.

Daniels has been an active advocate against child labour in the film industry and is passionate about maintaining a safe working environment.

She took to her Instagram page on Monday to share her wisdom and advice with fellow producers and celebrities.

Her message was clear and strong. She can be achieved through proper background checks, understanding of employment regulations and humane wages for employees, both young and old.

She said, “I met a 14-year-old girl wearing a short skirt, crop top and working under another young guy on the movie set who claims to be a make-up artist. Her parents are far away in Port Harcourt and she came to Lagos last year. She sleeps in different hotel rooms with whoever agrees to accommodate her every night and is not willing to go back to her parents. This girl told me that she is here to learn but trust me, I know the industry and it is not a safe place for young girls.”

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