“I know my worth and how much I make for myself” – Nigerian lady says as she cut off an admirer for always sending her only N20k (Video)

A Nigerian lady has revealed that she cut off communication with a man who was wooing her, because he sent N20,000 frequently to her.

The young woman known as @MedlynnB on Twitter said the guy was fond of making promises, and rather than fulfil it, he would just send N20k.

She explained that her problem with his gesture was not that the amount is small, but because he often talks about doing certain things which turns out to be empty promises.

According to the content creator, she could not trust in his words aymore because whenever he says something, he usually ends up sending the same amount.

Medlynn said that she has her own standards and knows her worth, which is why she could not continue entertaining the man’s deed.

She noted that if he knew he could not do those things, he should not have mentioned it to her. She also stressed that she knows how much she makes and she never said that the money was not enough.

Checkout her post below:

Listen below…


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