‘I kissed Esther to hurt Frodd for betraying me’- Omashola drops bombshell


During last night’s episode of the Pepper Dem reunion show, Omashola dropped the jaws of viewers after he revealed why he kissed Esther during their time in the famous reality to show, BBNaija Pepper Dem edition.

Omashola had opened up to Frodd about his feelings for Venita immediately she entered the house but Frodd chose to neglect it and instead got closer to Venita.

In Omashola’s own words, he thought Biggie specially brought Venita for him but he surprised Frodd an obstacle thereafter.

According to him, he was so pissed and wanted to fight Frodd because of Venita at some point.

Therefore, to get his own measure of revenge at Frodd, he arranged for him and Esther to kiss at the end one of their drama and he kissed her deeper than he should have.