“I just want to heal; I promise to never love again” – Lady lands in hospital following a serious heartbreak

Nigerian lady lands in the hospital after suffering intense emotional pain following a heartbreak by her boyfriend.

The young lady known as ireneumeoke revealed that she found herself in the hospital three weeks after she suffered a heartbreak.

She stated that the emotional pain she experienced following the heartbreak had been so intense, and has been the longest she had ever felt so far.

Sharing a video of her crying, she noted that all she wants right now is to heal again, to be fine again.

She vowed never to love again because of the emotional pain she suffered following the heartbreak.

Sharing the video on Tiktok, she wrote …

“What else can i do to heal? Im deeply tired of hurting and it feels like it’s gradually turning into depression. It feels really dark in here, it feels void and its not cool at all. I want to be fine, i want to be okay, i want to be happy again is that too much to ask for?

I pray to God everyday asking him to please heal me but at this point i dont know anymore. I wish i can sleep and wake up tomorrow and all pain is gone… from the bottom of my heart I AM TIRED!!!!”

Check out some comments that followed …
beautiful pearl remarked: “and when you heal, you’ll see that there’s nothing special about him, it was the love u had for him that made him special. do the hard work of healing and don’t ever look back🥰”

Sly Kirchy commented: “just learned something, for someone to heal faster and completely go back till you hate them ,then walk away .it worked for me .”

EFYA stated: “May the HOLY SPIRIT locate u where ever u are…to wipe away all ur tears…u will make it IRENE…”

Celestial👼Being😇 penned: “Mine his replacement was money weeks later I got financial breakthrough”

Watch video below …

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