I just found out girlfriend I was planning to marry is my biological sister – Heartbroken man

A 30-year-old man has sought the advice of social media users after making a shocking discovery about his girlfriend of two years.

He revealed that he recently found out that she is actually his biological sister when they both received invitations to the same father’s funeral.

According to the man, he attended his father’s burial only to see his girlfriend there too, and that was when they both realized they shared the same parentage.

He wrote; “Background: Me (30 M) and the girl (24 F) met over two years ago via mutual friends and we hit it off great, after a year we entered a relationship and just two months ago we moved in together. We have our differences and our little fights like everyone but really, everything has been wonderful, to the point where we were discussing marriage.

Both of us were raised in the foster system, I was removed from my household when I was 10, she was around 7 so we’ve always had this in common and been able to confide in one another about this.

Recently: My biological father passed away which meant little to nothing to me since my foster father adopted me and has been absolutely great. However.. The woman I am with also received an invitation to the funeral because its her dad also.Shes already packed up her things and is staying with her best friend.

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