“I hope women who support Queen’s husband support their brothers and sons to marry single mothers” — Venita

Reality TV Star, Venita, challenge women supporting Queen’s husband to also support the decision of their brothers and sons to marry good single mothers.

This comes after Queen Mercy received so much love from many social media users after getting married to King David.

Despite her single mother status, the former BBN housemate was given another chance at love with a man who loves her and her daughter.

Venita took to her Snapchat story to tell women to also support their brothers and sons if they choose to tie the knot with a single mother.

She claimed she was speaking out of experience as she has been demonized many times by other women because of her status as a single mother.

In her words;

“I hope the women and mothers who support her extend that same grace in real life, especially If and when a GOOD woman who already has a child / children becomes the choice of affection of their sons and/or brothers

And yes I’m speaking from experience as a single mother with kids who is regularly demonised by other women (who don’t know me personally) online”

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