“I have Over One Million Clothes which I don’t wear,” Akothee rants


Controversial singer Akothee is known for enjoying a lavish lifestyle and saying whatever she feels like to the public. Recently, she took to her fans for a tour around her big wardrobe complaining she has too many clothes and shoes due to pressure from the public.

“I have one million clothes which I don’t even wear. How can I have all these clothes when some people don’t even have clothes to wear. Come and shop here. This happened because when I put on the same clothes twice people on social media keep talking.

Social media pushed me to buying all these clothes before I got to know who they are. Some of the clothes still have tags. I look like a mtumba seller. This is only one part. All these clothes and some have been stolen by house girls and house boys.

This is just Mombasa. Rongo is another set. I am offloading everything and I’ll be wearing my clothes for five months. If you ever tell me I’m repeating clothes, I’ll insult you, your mother, your father and your church pastor.

See what you made me do. All these is money I’ve wasted because of you. I can’t put on my expensive clothes twice because you will say I repeat clothes. This is how you pressure celebrities with your comments. Now I’m owning a clothes shop in my house. I have to keep a room only for clothes.

I bought my boots for 1500 dollars but I can’t wear them because you will say I wear the same clothes twice. Call the police and tell them from today I’ll be wearing what I want. You can’t beat me or take me anywhere. I have only two legs and all these shoes. Show me your life before you bring your comments.” Akothee angrily ranted on her Instagram stories showing off her large room full of clothes.