I have never wanted something bad enough in life and not gotten it – Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Momodu claims

Davido’s first baby mama Sophia Momodu has bragged that she has never wanted something bad enough in her life and not gotten it even though some people call it stubbornness.

Sophia Momodu decided to let us know that she’s part of those who get everything they want and has never in her life missed something that she wanted bad enough since almost everything seems to be at her disposal.

This post of Sophia Momodu insinuates that whether what she wants is good or bad, she will use every ways and means to get it no matter what it cost her and that is why some people think it’s her stubbornness.

This has made us wonder if her post goes to men as well and whether she’s trying to tell us that when she wants a man she will definitely get the man no matter what it might cost her or what others think about her.

Bragging about getting everything she has ever wanted bad enough means that Sophia Momodu sometimes gets possessive and does everything in her power to get it which sometimes ends badly for some people.

Screenshot below;

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