‘I have gone for deliverance countless times to stop being gay, yet I lack sexual attraction for men’ – Singer Temmie Ovwasa (Video)

Vocalist Temmie Ovwasa expressed that, throughout her entire life, she has never experienced any attraction toward men. The artist, affiliated with rapper Olamide’s YBNL music label, has always been open about her sexual orientation as a lesbian.

In a conversation with former BBNaija participant Doyin, Temmie Ovwasa affirmed these sentiments.

Doyin had asked Temmie about her sexual orientation. In response, Temmie disclosed, “I identify as a homosexual woman. This implies that I do not experience any sexual attraction toward men whatsoever.

“I have never experienced any form of sexual attraction towards men, and I am unfamiliar with that sensation.”

Continuing the conversation, the YBNL sensation revealed that she underwent deliverance sessions in an attempt to combat her same-sex preferences, but they persisted regardless.

“Being homosexual is intrinsic; it is an inherent aspect of your identity. It cannot be altered or transformed. I have undergone countless deliverance sessions, even before turning 18.

Therefore, I am well aware that changing one’s sexual orientation is not possible. You can suppress your sexuality and deceive yourself, attempting to conform. Many people have gone through that phase before embracing their true selves and coming out of the closet.

Sometimes, people consider getting into relationships with the opposite gender just to avoid questions and similar situations. However, who you are is what you are.”

Video below….

Recall that the Nigerian vocalist previously utilized her social media platform to publicly denounce a male follower who made unwelcome sexual advances towards her online.

This incident occurred when the young man contacted her via Instagram, boldly requesting to engage in an intimate relationship with her.

In response to the man’s proposal, Temmie Ovwasa chose to publicly expose him by sharing his image on her Instagram page. She did this to openly criticize his audacious approach and advances, fully aware that he has no chance with her due to her self-proclaimed lesbian orientation.

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